davidheadshot-300x221I write the weekly “Bitwise” column for Slate on technology and related issues. (Past columns available here.)

Selected publications for 2014:

The Quick Time Event, on immersion and interactivity in video games, for The White Review.

Chat Wars, a memoir about coding, Microsoft, and AOL for n+1.

Fighting Incompleteness, an interview with philosopher and critic Philip Kitcher for 3am Magazine.

Selected publications for 2013:

AI Has Grown Up and Left Home for Nautilus, about the past and future of artificial intelligence and what it tells us about ourselves.

The Body as Society, Prison, and Torture Device, an essay on the great Chilean novelist Jose Donoso.

A long review of Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge in the context of his entire oeuvre, in The American Reader

The Cosmology of Serialized Television, in The American Reader

You Are What You Click: On Microtargeting, a piece for The Nation on Big Data and advertising.

The Resistance of Melancholics, a essay/memorial of Aaron Swartz for Triple Canopy.

Revenge of the Dryasdusts: Paul Hazard’s “The Crisis of the European Mind”, on Hazard’s freewheeling intellectual history of Europe.

Stanislaw Lem’s Summa Technologiae, an in-depth overview of this masterpiece of futurological speculation.

The Pythagorean Comma and the Howl of the Wolf, an essay on music, cosmology, and infinity in Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s brilliant novel, The Melancholy of Resistance.

Archimedes’ Mindscrew, an essay on the work of British artists Thomson & Craighead.

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Awash in a Sea of Text

Awash in a Sea of Text (Zeitraum, Ars Electronica Futurelab)